Chile Triturado | Crushed Chilli 300g Natco

Chile Triturado | Crushed Chilli 300g Natco

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Natco Crushed Chilli provides a robust heat and a coarse texture that is ideal for adding a spicy kick to dishes. This 300g pack is perfect for chefs and spice lovers who appreciate a more intense flavor, suitable for culinary uses ranging from pizza toppings to spicy stir-fries.  


Sample Recipe and Uses:  

  • Spicy Marinades: Ideal for beef, chicken, or seafood, adding depth and heat.  
  • Pizza Topping: Sprinkle over pizzas for an extra bite.  
  • Stir-Fries: Enhance the heat in Asian dishes by adding during the cooking process.  



  • Crushed chilli is made from dehydrated red chili peppers.  
  • It retains the seeds, providing a hotter flavor than regular chili powders.  
  • Crushed chilli is versatile and can be used in various cuisines around the world to add heat and texture.